Perfect Stress is not an Amount (Part 1)

In a PsychologyToday article entitled “The Perfect Amount of Stress” the author, Thea Singer, contemplates “when do we have too little stress and when do we have too much stress?” A good question, but likely an over-simplified one. A better question might be: “When have we been overly programmed by stress and when do the … Continue reading Perfect Stress is not an Amount (Part 1)

Article: Higher perceptual capacity in autism can be both strength and challenge

A great article in Spectrum News (originally on The Conversation) on the greater perceptual capacity of those on the spectrum. From a Stress Perspective this amplification occurs in only part of the spectrum, or may only be managed by select few (splinters skills are said to be seen as around 10% of the spectrum). This … Continue reading Article: Higher perceptual capacity in autism can be both strength and challenge

PsychologyToday: Sex Hormone Secrets

This article from Psychology Today is an excellent primary on Personality and the dimorphic Sex Hormones. Here are a few highlights from the article: "For men and women alike, sex hormones (including testosterone, produced by the testes, and estrogen, from the ovaries) are power players in myriad human abilities and behaviors. Language, cognition, libido, and … Continue reading PsychologyToday: Sex Hormone Secrets

Individual Stress and Exercise

I stumbled upon some great exercise research today by PhD candidate Nikos Margaritelis at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki who studies redox individuality that exemplifies our individual responses to stress. That 1/3 of us respond very little, another 1/3 responds by an improvement in oxidative responses and 1/3 respond by a decrease in oxidative response … Continue reading Individual Stress and Exercise