Welcome to “Peripheral Minds of Autism”. The purpose of this site is to interject a theory from a person with Autism for researchers and organizations to thoroughly test and explore.  The hope is to change the conversation and unite the many voices, pieces of evidence and theories into one universal way to address problems and come to solutions.

“What is Autism?”

We are often exposed to a “false dichotomy” of options. (A false dichotomy is when you are given only two choices when there are actually other options).

One popular choice is whether Autism is 1) an epidemic with a cause and cure, or 2) autism just is and has always been part of our natural evolution.

Many believe without the Autism spectrum we would have no artists, geeks, engineers or scientists. They feel strongly that we do not need cures or causes, just to accept and accommodate for the sensitivities and unique ways of thinking of these individuals.

When we switch out of that dichotomy framework of science it allows for these two seemingly opposite points of views to be blended into a more universal theory.

The interaction of our unique genetics with the epigenetics of environmental influences. This is a new paradigm of understanding these complex and fascinating spectrum of disorders.

Autism is a bridge to understanding the many disorders of stress adaptation; the interaction of our genes with our environment.  A “Stress Perspective” of Autism, how the “Peripheral Minds” become Autistic Minds.