“Lori has proven to be an engaging speaker who is able to make detailed scientific research relatable to employees of all backgrounds. Guests to Lori’s presentations asked questions, shared stories, and were overall pleased at the takeaways they learned. The GE HealthAhead team would recommend Lori Hogenkamp as a professional speaker for organizations looking to have a conversation about stress management. Lori’s professional yet approachable style and ease to work with make her a valuable asset for your team.”

GE Marine HealthAhead Program:
Executive lunch-and-learn
“Building Stress Resiliency for Work and Home”.

“Ms. Hogenkamp demonstrated her deep knowledge of autism that is the result of her thorough research of the topic. She was able to convey the physical, psychological, and emotional challenges and characteristics of those people who are on the spectrum in a way that was informative and engaging. Ms. Hogenkamp is a knowledgeable and personable speaker who can pique the interest of an audience because of her expertise on the topic.”

Defiance College Hence Autism Studies Parenting Group
Presentation “Building Stress Resiliency to help Manage and Make the Most of Autism”

“Very informative and Interesting” “So much needed for families” “I’d listen to any other speech on everything she knows. She needs to write a book” “I would recommend this speech to anyone wanting to learn more about Autism” “Awesome information, I look forward to putting these concepts to work in practice” “I work with children and enjoyed this speech. I would recommend this speaker to anyone in childcare, I believe others need to learn more about this”

Miami Jacobs School of Nursing
Presentation: “Thinking Types of Autism and Autism in Your Medical Office”

Interviewed for Global Autism Awareness Day. April 2, 2015 on Channel 5 WLWT News http://www.wlwt.com/news/cincinnati-landmarks-light-up-blue-to-raise-autism-awareness/32153178

“Very Interesting- would have liked to have gone deeper into all of it!” Clinical Therapist

“I would recommend this to parents of Autistic and other gene disorders” IT Manager

“Very informative and fascinating!! I could relate to Lori’s life experiences and the analogies were great to help understand the material!” Mom

“Excellent material, especially the science. Would like additional source material so we could research on our own in further detail.” Healthcare Administrator

“I would recommend this speech to everyone in my family, or anyone who knows anybody who has a form of Autism” Network Engineer on Spectrum

“I learned a lot from this presentation. Lori was great, full of knowledge and used great examples to help us relate” Student Early Childhood Education

“I am an OT and love this wholistic “stress” theory approach. I would love to hear more!” Occupational Therapist

“I know of only ONE speaker in my experience who was SO in charge of their subject matter. Wonderful job on answering questions!” Financial Planner:Adult and Parent on Spectrum

“Lori- you were fabulous! You were vulnerable, honest and gave hope to those of us who are in many ways trying to make our kids informed that different is okay!” Mom

“As a parent of a child who is learning to find his way through this puzzle, I think Lori managed to find a great balance between the hard information and making that information relatable and understandable.” Designer

“Great talk. It was nice hearing from someone who is actually on the spectrum and is also studying it. I would recommend this speaker for parents with kids both on and off the spectrum. It would be great to hear more about how she overcame her social issues.” Parent

“I have a nursing degree and heard a lot of scientific info that was new to me. Lori did a great job using the terms and explaining in an easy and concise manner. Lori was phenomenal. I am so impressed with her intelligence and all she has learned and applied in her life. She is amazing and gives me so much hope for my son’s future!” Manager

“It took me a while to put the pieces of what Lori was saying together, but once I did I was in awe. My son has down syndrome with a lot of autistic characteristics in which I was better able to understand after this talk. My friends with kids with Autism would definitely benefit.” Mom

“Made my brain work! I loved it!” Neither Parent nor on the Spectrum

Crossroads Community Church
Presentation: “Autism Thinking Types and Stress Insights for Individuals on the Spectrum”

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