Is Autism a Stress Adaptation?

Could Autism be seen as a Stress Adaptation? Author: Lori Hogenkamp, B.A. Psychology Edited: July 24, 2018 Introduction On the cellular level, stress, or how the body-brain maintains homeostasis, is through complex physiological responses called allostasis (McEwen, 2017). These various stress coping strategies and trade-offs are quite individualistic, on both the social and cellular levels … Continue reading Is Autism a Stress Adaptation?

Original Paper: Autism, Stress and The Creative Brain

April 2009 Note: This was my original hypothesis paper (thought process). I started this journey with my own realization of my own autism. I knew that my own brain wasn't broken and seemed to be working in overdrive and I asked the question: What if these brains already had a unique way of processing information … Continue reading Original Paper: Autism, Stress and The Creative Brain